Vichyssoise (cold leek-based Summer soup)


1-1.5kg leeks, white only
750g peeled potatoes
1-2 peeled & chopped onions
500ml chicken on vegetable stock
Bouquet garni or herb mix (flat-leaf parsley, bay leaf, celery salt…)
250ml double cream
Salt & Pepper (white pepper if possible, to keep it nice & white, but some prefer the black pepper speckles, so as you wish!).


1) Place potatoes to boil in salt water for 10-20mins until softened (but not falling apart).
2) Place leeks in another saucepan to boil in salt/seasoned water (with bouquet garni, chicken/vegetable stock or herb mix) until al dente and then add the potatoes from the other pan (only the drained potatoes, not the water).
3) Blend thoroughly in a blender or with a hand-held blender. Let it sit for a few minutes and when still warm but slightly cooled, add the double cream and mix. Place covered in the fridge to chill for a few hours, or overnight if you can as the flavours will infuse more the longer you leave it… It’s a great soup to prepare 1 day ahead and serve the next day.
4) Serve in individual bowls with chopped chives.

This, with gazpacho are my 2 favourite chilled soups in the Summer. Vichyssoise is a little richer because of the cream, but still fairly light and definitely v.refreshing nonetheless… Enjoy with a nice chilled glass of white wine or rose 🙂

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  1. newtrition4u says:

    For a dairy-free alternative, substitute the cream with unsweetened soya milk, oat milk, or the cream version of these.


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