The 8 Best Movie Kitchens

Time to use the F-word(s)! Food, Films… & the “other” one 😉 F**Kitchens!

Somebody after my own heart, whose biggest loves (other than loved ones of course!) are all things food, films & interior design/decor (& a few other things) posted this blog & I can’t help but share… Do you have a favourite food/kitchen scene from a film?

P.S. Please check-in on my blog again soon -I promise to post more often from now on 🙂

A Dash of Cinema

Just as I am always noticing food in movies, I am also always aware of the setting in which the food is being prepared: the kitchen. Kitchens can provide great insight into the characters’ personalities, as well as provide fantastic ideas for your own kitchen. Even if you just pick and choose details from each kitchen, you can create a beautiful place to cook and bake that suits your own personality. These are my favorite kitchens from movies. Four of these kitchens are in Nancy Meyers movies – the woman can do no wrong! She hires the best production designers to create such beautiful spaces. Note: the fourth Meyers movie is Father of the Bride which Meyers didn’t direct, but she did co-write the screenplay and produce the movie. Which one of these kitchens is your favorite?

1. The Help – The blue and white tiled floor. The daylight streaming through the…

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