Christmas Fayre…

So, it’s December, so the streets are full of lights, music plays, people shop for gifts & send cards to each other & of course we begin to indulge in richer foods… So today I’m going to write about “Christmas Fayre”, from the traditional turkey, bacon, chipolata, stuffing, roast potatoes, veggies & Christmas cake/pudding, or the roast ham, the smoked salmon, mince pies…

What do you like/dislike? Do you look forward to your brussel sprouts, bread sauce & cranberry sauce or are they all red flags/run away from foods?

Personally I love all my veggies & as I turned vegetarian I might try some Tofurkey or some veggie nut roast/sausages for my Christmas dinner this year. Whatever you choose, prepare it with love, play music (Christmas carols/songs) in the kitchen while you’re cooking, pour yourself a glass of wine or bubbles (or an alcohol-free version), make plenty of snacky/nibbles like pigs in blankets, smoked salmon blinis, or caviar blinis, mince pies, caramelised or salted/roasted nuts, dried fruits, cakes, biscuits, granola…

I would also recommend you order your ingredients online to have them delivered a couple of days before Christmas e.g. Ocado (, Daylesford farm (, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl, Iceland, or a local farmer’s market with local/organic/free-range produce.

Next time: My Christmas Dinner menu with recipes 😊😊😊


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