Baked Halloumi Fries with Creole Marinara Dipping Sauce Recipe

food to glow

A baked version of the modish halloumi fries, with coconut flour dusting and creole seasoning and easy Creole marinara sauce. A n appetizer, a cheeky, squeaky treat, and super stuffed into a vegetable filled wrap.This is a recipe I came up with after having seen a few cheese-based fries recipes floating about the Internet and in magazines. Most such recipes look really delicious – Stretch Armstrong-gooey or soft explosions in the mouth. Oh my! But sadly, the deal-breaker for me is that they are fried. Which I guess is to be expected when something is called fries. 

Such an indulgent recipe is of course  a little off-piste for food to glow, but humour me a little as I’m feeling all feisty and off-message today. I blame the blanket of fog that has descended across the UK and seems to have invaded my brain.

These aren’t full-on fat bombs, but they do have saturated dairy fat from the cheese, and they are high in sodium, so respect the very modest portion sizes and valiantly resist eating the whole batch. I don’t usually take my own advice very well, but I knew that if…

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