Falafel Waffles with Honey-Harissa Chickpeas Recipe (gf/df)

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Falafels as waffles is a thing. This is because anything as waffles is a thing.

People are waffling grilled cheese (standard), mac and cheese, tamales, frittatas, hash browns, polenta, crab cakes – you get the idea. However, if you are craving something healthy, lightly spiced, not too carby, but still very much waffle-shaped, grab your waffle iron, open that bag of chickpea flour that I just know you have (what with all the chickpea flour recipes I have on here), and let’s get waffling!

My falafel waffles are a pretty fun way to make waffles out of what is essentially a tarted up socca/farinata batter. These thin, lacy 4-ingredient pancakes – that I love to top with all manner of savoury goodies – are transformed into fluffy, light falafel-spiced waffles with the addition of some crushed chickpeas, spices, (optional) wild garlic, nettles, and two eggs. These are too easy not to have a go making up, especially if you like…

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