Matcha Green Tea Granola Bites with Yuzu Drizzle (vegan/gf recipe)

food to glow

Health-enhancing ingredients mixed into a no-bake granola bar. Perfect for healthy snacking and lunch boxes. Vegan and easily gluten-free.Marrying health with not only taste but ease and interest is something I aim for – most days. I’ve got better at it over the years, I think. Not only in my day-to-day cooking adventures but in recipe development for work, brands and here on my tiny slice of cyberspace. As we all seem to be spreading ourselves more thinly, many of us are looking for recipes and ideas that deliver a lot for very little effort, myself included.

Today’s easy-peasy recipe is pretty representative of where I want to go with my food – mixing the familiar with the more novel in a way that is both accessible and (hopefully) intriguing: specifically, oats, seeds, coconut, black treacle, turmeric, maca, matcha green tea, yuzu powder.

Without wanting to brag, these are the best granola bars I’ve ever made. Note the “I’ve ever made”, not “I’ve ever had”. But…

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