Rainbow Carrot, Taleggio & Hazelnut Tarte Tatin – A Holiday Recipe

food to glow

Flavoured with a balsamic and thyme syrup this carrot, taleggio cheese and hazelnut tart is special enough for the holiday table but easy enough for a midweek family dinner. Serve with creamed kale and pureed celeriac for a perfect autumn-winter meal. Normally when writing for food to glow I have the radio for company, the mix of music and chat a metronome for my typing. But I can’t do it today. I am a coward. I just can’t listen to any more news coming out of Paris, Syria and Kenya. My fingers feel heavy and my heart even more so. You feel that way too, I know.

It seems frivolous writing about food, especially going on about a holiday-focused recipe. But I suppose the trick is to keep going as normal, being alert but not alarmed. Those with hatred where hearts should be will not win.

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