Tis The Season – 31 Festive Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes From Food To Glow

food to glow

31 Vegetarian and Vegan Festive Recipes for Christmas, many naturally gluten-free and cook ahead.Tis the season to try new recipes!

I know we tend to make the same foods every year for Christmas. And there is nothing at all wrong with that. Christmas is the perfect time to honour the recipes of our forebears, maybe giving them a modern or healthier tweak. I cook for a small but discerning crowd, and some things are just expected: bread sauce, chestnut stuffing (the kind that is really a gravy – my mother-in-law is pro at it), roast potatoes, orange-spiked cranberry sauce, something Brussels sprouty.

But every year I try and feature a new recipe on my festive table. Often it is a twist on cornbread stuffing (honouring my southern USA roots) or some new way with roasted veggies. I’m still deciding what this year’s twist will be. Maybe you are too.

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