Spring Flowers & Green Salads

It’s been a while since I last blogged & lately I’ve been noticing that with the changing season, the blue skies & sunshine, so my palate is changing. My breakfast is usually a juice and coffee, or a smoothie; my lunch is something light like a fresh salad, or avocado on sourdough toast & my supper is a soup & gluten-free roll followed by a raspberry smoothie sorbie (by Del Monte!)… and I’m feeling all the better for it!

There is something about seeing all the flowers blooming & the sun shining down on them that livens up the taste buds. Life becomes brighter and colourful & so I think we intuitively feel more drawn to putting more colourful food on our plates… I love tp snack on hoummus or guacamole with a bunch of crudites/vegetable sticks like red or yellow bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, celery… as well as pitta bread, tortilla chips, potato chips or rice cakes!

My ultimate favourite though is my ‘almost’ daily super choco-berry smoothie (I posted the recipe in an earlier blog)! This provides all my vitamin and mineral needs & then some! It does super-charge me, like a natural & healthy red bull, it gives me mental focus & energy that gives me wings to get on with my day! I also add a little protein powder sometimes especially if I’ve done a workout. Now, I’m looking forward to making fresh gazpacho, with beautiful juicy sun/vine-ripened tomatoes. Again, I posted the recipe in an older post.

I’m keeping this post purposefully short b/c I would encourage you to go out & enjoy the glorious weather -enjoy, in joy! 😊

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