​Autumn/Fall Halloween & Thanksgiving Treats (& maybe some Tricks!)

So, we’re a little over a month into Autumn/Fall, but I have to say that the weather has been so summery in Sept that I still don’t feel like we’re in the new season. Still, I’ve already stocked up my pantry with butternut squash, sweet potato, dried fruits & nuts -all of which are, for me, some of my staples for this time of year…
I have written Halloween & Thanksgiving, because they are two holidays/feasts which I adore & have adopted over the years even though neither my country nor my culture(s) traditionally celebrate either. But, with the Thanksgiving turkey dinner so reminiscent of our classic Christmas dinner & delectable delicacies such as pumpkin pie or pecan pie, as well as the excuse to eat all sorts & quantities of sweets whilst “trick or treat”ing in Halloween, who wouldn’t want to join in these celebrations… especially when one celebrates all our beloved passed ones & the other celebrates gratitude & appreciation of “the other” i.e. of “one & all”?! Such beautiful occasion are made all the more special by gathering with friends & loved ones around a rich & sumptuous banquet that’s fit for royalty! So, what food & drink(s) are your favourite for these holidays? Do you have any family heirloom recipes? My own particular favourites are all the root vegetable dishes -pumpkin pie, roast sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, turnips, swedes, celeriac… candy floss & toffees for Halloween sweets/treats, as well as anything with chocolate! I also love the “sweet & sour/savoury” combinations we have when combining savoury meats for example with fruit sauces e.g. turkey & cranberry, venison & redcurrant, duck & orange or plum sauce… also the fruit cakes (especially the boozy kind!) & the inclusion of nuts in our puddings/desserts or cakes & biscuits…

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite dishes to serve to make my Halloween & Thanksgiving wonderfully delicious & memorable…
1) Pecan Pie

2) Pumpkin Pie

3) Roast Turkey/Thanksgiving Dinner


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